Successful Cases

People and and Forklift Positioning at Jiaozuo Cigarette Factory

In order to avoid collision between people, fork trucks and conveyor belts, each person and fork truck is equipped with a 4Hz tag. The area is 2200 square meters. We deployed 5 readers, 5 antennas and 1 6-port SDP. The positioning accuracy is 0.3 m. RTLS works with video system by  sending the real time locations of people and vehicles to the video system so that the cameras can follow the movement of moving people or vehicles.

Automation Workshop Parts Tracking and Positioning at Canon's Factory in  Dalian

To tracking parts on production line in real time, we need a large amount of high update rate tags. We provide 380 20Hz~50Hz tags, which can be used to track the position of part boxes on the production line and whether a box of parts is moved out of the workshop. The total area is 5000 square meters. We offer 2D locating solution for 2000 square meters and  0D or 1D solution in other areas. Accuracy is 0.3 meter with 20 readers, 20 antennas and 2 24-port SDPs.


220KV EHV Power Station Personnel Positioning in Shenyang

The project is the RTLS part of the Intelligent Substation Field Operation Safety Monitoring project. The major function is to collect location data of operators in real time and warning operators when they enter dangerous zone in time. The system promotes the informative level of the power station for production safety.

We installed 4 readers and 4 antenna, 1 6-port SDP. Because of the strict height and material requirements of the equipment due to the super high voltage in working area, the installation height of readers and antennas are 3m. Personnel carry 4Hz tags. The area is 1600 square meters, and positioning accuracy is about 0.3m, meet the requirement of 1m accuracy.


Supermarket Staff and Cart Positioning in Beijing

In order to locate staffs and carts quickly, we provider 10 1Hz tags. The area of the supermarket is 1000 square meters. 4 readers, 4 antennas and 1 6-port SDP were deployed. The average accuracy is +/-0.15m.

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